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Membership Benefits

As one of a growing nationwide group of engineers and scientists involved in commercial or academic activities in Computational Mechanics (CM), you need up-to-date information and an active network of contacts. Membership in USACM can help you obtain information and provide forums for meeting new colleagues and friends.
The objective of USACM is to promote, foster, organize and coordinate activities concerning computational mechanics in the United States and to represent U.S. interests in computational mechanics as an affiliate of the International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM).
With USACM membership, you receive the USACM News. This will provide you with the following: news on developments in the field; links to other researchers in CM; announcements of conferences, symposia, and workshops; and items of general interest to the CM community.
With USACM membership, you automatically become a member in the International Association for Computational Mechanics (IACM). As a result, you receive Expressions, the quarterly publication of IACM, enabling you to access information from other national associations of CM. Because IACM is an affiliate of the International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (IUTAM), you are connected to an international community of scholars and practitioners working in CM and involved in planning numerous international symposia and workshops on CM research, including the World Congress on Computational Mechanics held every two years. USACM also is a key participant in the IUTAM Working Party on CM charged with organizing mini-symposia on current topics in CM.
With USACM membership, you can meet new colleagues and maintain friendships through USACM-organized thematic conferences and short courses. At the Congress, USACM offers short courses on current CM topics of general interest.
With USACM membership, you can have access to on-line listing of current jobs available in the CM community.
With USACM membership, you are eligible for USACM Awards and Honors for outstanding contributions in CM. The awards recognize noteworthy work and accomplishments in Computational Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, and general Computational Sciences. In addition, there is a Young Investigators award, and the Associations highest honor, the Von Neumann Medal awarded for outstanding and sustained contributions to CM. USACM awards, and elevation of members to Fellow status, are announced every two years at the USACM Congress.
To become a USACM, and IACM member please fill out the membership application online or write to the USACM Head Office at PO Box 8137, Austin, TX, 78713 for more information.